PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)
PBM Pro (Teal)

PBM Pro (Teal)

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PBMPro is the most versatile handheld PhotoBioModulation light therapy unit on the market today. With an unprecedented combination of five diodes emitting five different wavelengths of one blue (470nm), two red (630nm + 660nm) and two infrared (850nm + 940nm) wavelengths of light, PBMPro can be used in three different operating modes depending on your treatment protocol needs. Three unique attachments included with PBMPro, ball, rod and wand attachments, allow light energy to be delivered in a variety of ways for different situations and conditions.  

PBMPro is the latest device that has been developed by Oral IQ, building on both PBM Light and PBM Light + unit by adding a 470nm blue light wavelength, from research published on NCBI’s 2018 peer-reviewed study Antimicrobial Blue Light Activation of Pathogenic Microbes: State of The Art, by Yucheng Wang et al, discussion of providing state-of-the-art anti-microbial therapy that inactivates pathogenic microbes. This non-pharmaceutical treatment modality is ideal preventing antibiotic resistance. As aninnovative antimicrobial blue light (aBL) in the spectrum of 400-470 nm has demonstrated its intrinsic antimicrobial properties resulting from the presence of endogenous photosensitizing chromophores in pathogenic microbes.

The 470nm aBL wavelength on PBMPro, when delivered in combination with PBMPro’s 850nm infrared wavelength, has been proven to synergistically amplify anti-microbial effects. Guffey et.al. reported, combination of 464nm and 850nm to inactivate K. pnuemoniae . An inactivation of 96.2% CFU was achieved in the bacterial suspensions at the combination of 45 J/cm2 aBL with 60 J/cm2 near infrared irradiation was superb to either wavelength delivered alone.

3 Operation Modes:

Big 5 Mode (all diodes activated)

  • 470 nm aBL Antimicrobial blue (400-470nm)

              inactivation of pathogenic microbes, synergism with NIR

             on host cells, improve skin hydration, decrease wound size,           

              stimulate bone regeneration, enhance tooth whitening

  • 630,660 nm red efficient Photobiomodulation on soft tissues
  • 850, 940 nm infrared efficient and proliferation photobiomodulation

                       on soft and deeper tissues       

RiR 4 Mode (all red and infrared diodes activated)

  • 630nm, 660nm, red visible light
  • 850nm, 940nm, near infra-red invisible light

   Most effective energy for PBM photobiomodulation  

   non-thermal light energy eliciting mitochondria increasing ATP

   production, energizing cells, resulting beneficial therapeutic effects   like reduction of pain or inflammation, promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration and immunomodulation.

aBL (blue diode) :

  • 470 nm aBL Antimicrobial blue (400-470nm)

              Inactivation of pathogenic microbes, by excitation of endogenous

              photosensitizing chromophores in the microbes, leads to the production of cytotoxic ROS.

              Synergism with NIR, aBL combine with infrared 850nm is superb in inactivation of microbes

             on host cells, improve skin hydration, present PBM effect on decrease wound size and stimulate           

              bone regeneration, Plus enhance tooth whitening


3 attachments

Ball   smooth sphere allows focused and efficient energy maneuver on muscles, fascia, joints and acupoints

Rod   thin and smooth, allows easy and comfortable insertion to small or tight spaces like oral cavity and nasal pathway

Wand  curve tip covered with optical coating, allows efficient energy delivery to oral and dental sites




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