• PBM Light™ can be used on virtually any surface of your body.
        • Although powerful, the light wavelengths emitted by PBM Light™ and PBM Light™ + are low risk. Light in the range of 600-1,000nm is within the normal visible and invisible light spectrum, but contain no harmful UV or ionizing radiation. Even still, it is recommended to avoid looking directly into the light source and to use protective eyewear (included) while using PBM Light™ close to your eyes.
      • What’s the difference between PBM Light™ and other heat therapy devices?
          • Oral IQ™ has designed PBM Light™ to be the best home device for heat therapy on the market. Our patented devices contain three (3) different wavelengths which target different depths of tissue at the same time. PBM Light™ + is especially unique in that it trades the 630nm wavelength found on the original PBM Light™ for a 940nm diode. This wavelength is especially effective at deeply penetrating muscle and bone, reaching far deeper than most other home heat therapy devices on the market.
            • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If you have a serious injury, always seek medical treatment from your personal primary care physician or a health care facility near you. After receiving medical treatment PBM Light™ can be used as part of your healing and recovery regimen for external, surface and/or superficial injuries.
          • How long does the PBM battery last? How long does it take to charge?
              • With a full charge PBM Light™’s battery should last between 6 – 8 hours of use. For best battery health, charge overnight (8 hours) and disconnect after no greater than 12 hours.
            • What does it feel like?
                • Regardless of which PBM Light you use, the only sensation you will feel is a soothing gentle warmth. In certain cases a slight tingling sensation may be felt, indicating rapidly increasing blood flow. Keep in mind, longer and/or infrared wavelengths (like that found in the Plus model) are more responsive when treating deeper tissues.