About Us

Oral IQ: Smart products for your oral health and beyond.

In the spring of 2020, as the world was becoming all-too-acquainted with Covid-19 and the stay-at-home quarantine it necessitated, access to essential oral healthcare was scarce. A group of Los Angeles dentists and medical professionals came together to form Oral IQ (or OQ for short) to bring safe and effective at-home oral care solutions to market, helping people maintain their oral health from the convenience of home.

In the following months, OQ debuted several effective and easy-to-use products like OQpik, a sonic wave tooth cleaner, and PBM Light, an advanced Red and Infrared Heat Therapy device for pain relief.

Oral IQ is committed to the bringing innovative, effective and easy-to-use products to market while helping to make heat therapy both accessible and affordable to the general public.


Meet the partners who founded Oral IQ; Dr. Grace Sun & Hans Kristian

Hans Kristian

Dr. Grace Sun is a world renowned dental clinician and educator in cosmetic and dental lasers and within the orthodontic field. Her clinical Excellency has been awarded by Academy of laser dentistry as the first female accredited fellow. She has been published and authored in textbooks and peer-reviewed journals on low level laser therapy and cosmetic dentistry. Since graduating from University of Southern California (1981), Dr. Sun has gone through extensive post-graduate continued education in various branches of dentistry. In the journey of learning oral-facial health and development she has been trained in orthodontic and orthopedic treatment. She’s also served as a senior instructor with International associations for orthodontics and master of academy of general dentistry, master of the international conference and oral implantologists. She’s a recipient of Leon Goldman award 2020 from academy of laser dentistry for recognition of clinical excellence. Her dedication to provide the best patient-care has won her patients trust, her excellent delivery of service has made her one of the most successful dental professionals. In the pandemic time, the thought about self-care light units emerged and developed which allowed ultimate self-care products through light therapy for reduction of pain and inflammation and fast healing with safe and affordable LED light units. The company of Oral IQ which is dedicated to provide innovative products to promote oral health and beyond has become a reality. The company first presented the PBM Light units in February 2021 which also provides an innovative and unique business-model to promote PBM self-care to reach the maximum treatment-outcome. Giving back through empowerment of self-care is the driving force of Oral IQ LLC.

Grace Sun

Hans Kristian majored in Psychology in London before he moved to Asia (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and became a spokes-person & brand ambassador for several international companies. As a former semi-professional athlete himself, Hans Kristian has recognized and identified the need for heat therapy to enhance and optimize ultimate sports-performance and recovery. He decided therefore to form the healthcare company Oral IQ LLC based in Los Angeles, CA to provide state-of-the-art solutions for oral health and beyond. Together with Dr. Sun’s expertise, they are enlightening health professionals and patients with their innovative, safe, compact and affordable light devices PBM Light and PBM Light + which utilizes LED technology for pain relief. Hans Kristian is seeking to ensure that everyone has access to Oral IQ’s PBM devices for a healthier and brighter future.