Troubleshooting PBM Devices

Trouble-shooting PBM Light

  1. Why do not all 3 light bulbs light up?

The LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) do not burn out, the diodes can last 50,000 hours.

The diodes of Red light (630nm & 660nm) are VISIBLE, while the diodes of infrared light (850nm & 940nm) are NOT visible.

PBM Light (630nm, 660nm & 850nm) the silver-colored unit will show one bright orange red (630 nm), one red (660 nm) and one dim (850 nm) as invisible light sources (as shown in the image below). PBM Light + (660nm, 850nm & 940nm) the blue-colored unit will show one red (660 nm) and two dim (850 nm & 940 nm) as invisible light sources (shown below).


  1. Why won’t the PBM Light turn on?

There are 3 components needed to be checked, including battery, charger and the light unit.

PBM Lights uses 18650 Lithium high-capacity rechargeable batteries that might take 6-8 hours to fully charged. When fully charged the indicator should turn green from red on the charger. When placing the battery inside the device always be aware of the position of the battery terminals, stamped with + and – sign. Positive terminal facing the light source.

Regarding Light Unit- if the battery is charged (can also be verified with a voltmeter should be 3.65volt) and place in the right direction as positive pole facing the light source then the light unit itself indicates issue and please contact ORAL IQ LLC through Email or call (818)925-4497

  1. Why has the unit stopped working?

LED device has impressive long-lasting features, when encountering following situations can damage the unit:

  • Overheating: LEDs do not burn out but their components can be sensitive to overheating which can cause damage. If you feel excessive heat on the unit give it a break, resume usage when the unit has cooled down. Do not place the unit too close to a heat source.
  • Bad connection: If the unit is dropped on the floor or has experienced water damage it might stop working.