OQpik™ Tooth Cleaner        (pink)
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OQpik™ Tooth Cleaner (pink)
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OQpik™ Tooth Cleaner (pink)

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Introducing OQpik, an electronic dental cleaning tool that uses vibrational sonic energy to gently and effectively remove hardened plaque, tartar, coffee stains, tea stains and other discolorations from enamel tooth structures.

Excellent for delivering instant power, this dental cleaning tool is suitable for home oral care between regular Dental check-ups and visits. OQpik’s narrow stainless steel tip provides easy access to hard-to-reach areas: behind and in-between teeth, behind the molars and behind the front teeth. OQpik is the perfect tool for cleaning orthodontic appliances, braces and bridges.

OQpik’s user-friendly design is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and has 5 different adjustable levels of intensity, allowing you to tailor each use to your specific needs. A USB rechargeable battery ensures you are never hunting for a wall outlet to charge OQpik.


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