New Scientific Citations on PBM

Here are a few scholarly articles from various sources outlining various academic studies into specific wavelengths of PBM Light therapy.

  • Mechanisms and Applications of the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of PhotoBioModulation
    • Wound healing, arthritis, muscle recovery, lung inflammation, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, autoimmune diseases, abdominal fat and Achilles tendinopathy, thyroiditis, psoriasis have all been shown to accept PBM treatment well, particularly the 850nm wavelength with regards to muscle preconditioning and better athletic performance.
    • In this clinical trial, the effect of intraoral low level laser with a wavelength of 940nm and an energy density of 10 J/cm2 was tested in one session after the surgical operation of the mandibular impacted third molar. The results reveal that LLLT has an alleviate effect on post-surgical pain. Further studies are needed to improve the understanding of the effectiveness of LLLT...

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