A Guide To Choosing Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light therapy, also known as PhotoBioModulation or Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT), includes the use of visible red light on the surface of the skin to stimulate cells for self-repair. The use of near-infrared light energy can be used in a wide range of different treatments, including for dental pain, the treatment of various skin conditions, and even for recovery after chemotherapy and radiation.

Red light therapy at home uses the same technology as the best professional handheld light therapy device, allowing individuals to access this technology when needed. Choosing the right device is important to ensure you are getting the best handheld LED light therapy device for pain.

Wavelength Range

Different wavelengths of red light and infrared light are used for specific types of treatment. Identical to cold laser LLLT treatment, our PBM Light™ and PBM Light™ + devices provide a full range of therapeutic wavelengths from 630nm to 850nm and 660nm to 940nm, respectively.

These wavelengths stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP at a cellular level, providing the energy cells need to repair and rejuvenate. It also increases blood flow, lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation and pain.

Areas Treated

The best handheld LED light therapy device for estheticians or home use is comfortable and easy to use. It should offer the ability to target the area of the skin or the area of pain.

Smaller devices are ideal for dental pain or specific targeted areas, while larger options, such as wraps and wand types of devices, are perfect for large areas of skin or for the treatment of joint pain.

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